Newborns & Cloth Nappies

Newborns typically require a different fit to older babies and that’s because physiologically they’re quite different in shape. Very rapidly a newborn baby goes from predominantly being all head and torso, to filling out their fat reserves across the remainder of the body. This does mean however, that most newborns, even those born at a heavier weight, will have ‘skinny’ legs for fitting. Our newborn nappies fit from approximately 2.8kg and feature a snap down panel to further customise fit for your baby.
Newborn nappies can feel like a really costly investment. However realistically you go through quite a lot of nappies in that early stage. Milk intake in the early days is quite high, which also means that output is also quite high, particularly as the gut microbiome is culturing bacterial growth. You’ll probably notice newborns experience a lot of gut discomfort at feeding time, and that’s because the feeding process naturally stimulates the large intestine muscles to contract. This may mean that they will poop pretty much at every feed for about the first 6-8 weeks.
If you’re breastfeeding the time between feeds could be 45mins (which is normal) to 3 hours (which is godly desirable). Usually the time between feeds at the newborn stage should be no longer than 5 hours as weight loss prevention and prevention of jaundice is crucial for optimal baby health. The point of mentioning all of this is that to get you through one day, you’re probably going to need at least 19 newborn nappies, or 30 if you want to wash every other day.
Do you need to buy 30 WHOLE NAPPIES? Probably not, no. When you have an AI2 (all in two) style nappy, the idea is that if the insert is lightly soiled, but the cover is dry and unsoiled, you can replace the insert and reuse the cover. Newborns vary immensely in the amount of output that they generate. Mine were very low wetters. Some people have very large wetters, you won’t know until you get there. Standard hourglass fold over, snap in insert


If you’re planning on using cloth right from the very beginning you need to be prepared for meconium. I luckily got out of changing all these nappies. That was a Mr. Hey Penny job, however I heard it’s not that great. In terms of meconium and cloth I’d probably err on the side of caution and use an additional, washable microfleece liner. Meconium will stain the bamboo portion of the inserts if it gets on it, it won’t really with the white microfleece, but it may discolour, it should wash out over a few washes.