Getting Started with Cloth Nappies

Beginning your cloth nappy journey can feel quite overwhelming, there's so much information out there it's hard to know what to buy, and what's going to be useful to make the whole process easier. 

A lot of people also feel that cloth nappying has to be an all or nothing venture. The truth is not everyone starts cloth right from birth and some people do cloth part time. However, every cloth nappy use is one less nappy going to landfil, and progressive change doesn't require perfection, if millions of people imperfectly reduce their waste consumption, we are still working towards a better planet. 

So, what do you need?

For Baby

  • 24-30 cloth nappies - this will let you main wash every other day
  • 2-3 night nappies - as babies grow, often they will out wet their day nappy absorbency at night time
  • A wool cover with lanolin (if choosing night nappies with no PUL cover)
  • 2-3 wetbags - for carrying soiled nappies when out and about, wet bags are also useful for carrying soiled clothing and organising change bags 
  •  24-30 cloth wipes - these can be washed with your nappies and add to your environmental and economic savings

The Laundry

  • Access to a sink for rinsing (formula fed, or solids soiled nappies); [Optional: some people choose to use rubber gloves, a silicone scrubber to aid solids removal, or a bidet hose]
  • Dry pail - this should have a number of holes well circulated air flow
  • Regular laundry detergent
  • Drying Equipment - hilshoist, air-rack, tumble dryer, or octopus hanger (these hangers are great for insert drying)