About Us

Hey Penny started in 2014 when I was pregnant with Loodle, my second baby. Her pregnancy did a number on my body and I had to stop my ‘real job’ earlier than planned. A number of my friends in my online birth support group were sewing at the time and I really admired their work, their tenacity, their drive to breathe creative freedom into their lives. I was terrified of all the ‘what ifs’ of failure, but I’m still here, and still evolving as life changes around me.
While I was pregnant with Loodle, I started sewing Penny modern cloth nappies, we had been using them since birth, but as you probably can feel, the hunger to have more, is quite powerful. They’re a treasure to collect and covet; as well as a pleasure to actually use. I love cloth nappies, I miss having a giant stash, however being able to create them again gives me a real sense of warmth, and I love seeing them on little fluff butts.
The main production of Hey Penny moved into fabric production in 2016, and I did that until mid 2018.
Unfortunately I have become unwell, and physically couldn't keep up with the kind of demands it requires on your body. Having developed an aggressive autoimmune disease I will always be unwell, but I will always create, it is something I am truly passionate about.
Given the unpredictable nature of my illness, I will not be taking custom orders, and stockings will be smaller than commercially produced alternatives, but you will have that instant gratification of a quickly received purchase, and I hope the pride of supporting a mum trying to help out her family.
Hey Penny has grown so much since we swapped over to cloth nappy production and we are now a team of 4 employees, 3 brand reps and 5 incredibly supportive family members. 
Thank you for stopping by, I genuinely appreciate your time.