Cloth Nappies

Modern cloth nappies are a environmentally sustainable option for your baby. A full time stash comprises of approximately 24 nappies for washing every other day, and over the course of your child's time in nappies, you could save yourself thousands of dollars. 

We advocate following a Clean Cloth Nappies wash routine, which has been developed via science based research.

At Hey Penny we have a number of sizes available. Please note that weight guide lines are an approximation and nature of fit will depend on your baby's proportions. 

  • Microprem - for babies up to 2.4kg
  • Squish - for babies 1.8 - 4.8kg
  • Newborn - for babies 2.8 - 8.5kg
  • Odyssey - for babies 3.8 - 17kg

Retail released for Cloth Nappies occur approximately once per month. If you're after nappies for premmie babies, please contact our FB page or email us at 

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